Efco MT 3700

Efco MT 3700
Efco MT 3700

Efco MT 3700
Universal chainsaw for intensive home use, 14" Bar

Efco MT 3700 is a chainsaw for more intensive home use, this machine incorporates technology of chainsaws with higher specifications.  A machine for the discerning home user who wants a power tool for lopping, pruning, small-medium diameter cutting and general tasks.  This machine guarantees performance at the very top of their class, cutting effortlessly and quickly with maximum efficiency.

An automatic aluminium oil pump ensures zero flow at idling speed and outstanding long term durability.  The electronically controlled digital coil means easier starting and lower fuel consumption.

2 ring piston, nickel cylinder, forged steel connecting rod and crankshaft for guaranteed efficiency.

The Efco MT 3700 has a 2.2hp engine and  a 14″ bar.

This machine offers exceptional value for money.

Please ring us on 01635 254533 for any special offers.

  • 32.2 cc engine
  • 2.2HP 1.6 kW power output
  • 14″ Bar
  • 4.1kg dry weight excluding bar and chain