Efco MT 3500S

Efco MT 3500S

Efco MT 3500S
Universal chainsaw for home use

Efco MT 3500S. Designed for light home use, this machine is perfect for small pruning jobs and small diameter firewood. This chainsaw is practical and easy to use, owing to a series of devices which make it extremely easy to start, operate and maintain.

The illustrated step by step start up instructions on the machine body ensures quick and safe starting even for less expert users.

A primer device ensures easy starting even in  cold conditions.

On-Off switch and choke incorporated in a single multi-function lever which guarantees practical and simple operation. Transparent tanks for immediate and continuous display of oil and fuel/air mixture levels.

Anti-vibration system using 3 spring dampers and 3 rubber stops: significantly isolates the operator from engine vibration for greater comfort during use’

The Efco MT 3500S has an automatic oil pump.  This cuts in only when the chain is moving.  This means no troublesome oil leaks when the tool is not cutting.

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  • 2hp Engine
  • 3/8”x.50” chain
  • 14” bar
  • Start up intructions on the machine body
  • Automatic oil pump/ zero flow rate at idle speed
  • 4.4 Kg dry weight without bar and chain