Efco AR 53 TBX

Efco AR 53 TBX

Efco AR 53 TBX
Professional Lawnmower with Aluminium Deck

The Efco AR 53 TBX is designed for maximum performance with a choice of both collecting and mulching grass clippings.  Thanks to an aerodynamically moulded deck that optimises the flow of air into the catcher, this machine boasts superior grass collecting capability.

Converting to mulching mode is both quick and easy by closing of the catcher outlet duck with a plug supplied as standard with the machine. The factory fitted mulching blade ensures that the finely fragmented clippings are spread over the lawn, and decompose quickly.  The fragments turn into a natural fertilizer.

The infinitely variable cutting height is adjusted on the Efco AR 53 TBX  by a handy front knob.

The aluminium deck on the Efco AR 53 TBX ensures that this machine is a robust machine suitable for both professional and discerning domestic user.

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  • B&S Quantum XVR 60
  • Self propelled
  • Pull start
  • Aluminium deck
  • 75L Collector
  • Cutting width 51cm
  • Cutting height from 2565mm
  • Centralized cutting height adjustment